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This Food Can Extend Your Lifespan by 5 Years

Just by including these foods in your diet, you could extend your lifespan by five years!


There was a study done for eleven years on 2,240 people over the age of 65. They found that having oily fish in your diet on a regular basis may increase your lifespan by almost five years. They found that omega-3 fatty acids in your red blood cells are a very good mortality risk predictor. On the flip side, it was found that being a regular smoker may decrease your lifespan by 4.7 years.

Benefits of omega-3 fatty acids:

• Contributes to forming cell membranes

• Reduces inflammation

• Decreases triglycerides

• Counters omega-6 fatty acids

• Decreases the risk for certain types of cancer

• Reduces fat on the liver

• Decreases depression and anxiety

• Decreases pain

• Decreases the risk of ADHD

• Helps with asthma

• Decreases the risk of Alzheimer’s

• Increases heart function


Top sources of omega-3 fatty acids:

1. Cod liver oil and cod liver

2. Salmon (wild-caught)

3. Sardines

4. Fish eggs

5. Mackerel

6. Herring




Vegan or vegetarian sources of omega-3 fatty acids:

English walnuts

Chia seeds



Of course, we will not know exactly how much we will live or even control our death time, but we can be healthy so that our body lives longer.

For example, the body of someone who smokes, drinks alcohol, eats many unhealthy foods, stressful, exhausted, etc. It’s more likely to die before someone who eats healthy, exercises, sleeps enough, beyond the already known factors.

An unhealthy body is weak against any sickness. Therefore, many diseases such as flu or a virus kill at a higher rate the ones with less immunity.

Omegas-3s are nutrients in food such as salmon, fish eggs, or you can get them from supplements.

It has many benefits that help build and maintain a healthy body. They significantly affect your health and strengthen your immune system. They are essential to the structure of every cell wall you have.

study on 2,240 people over 65 years old monitored over eleven years to analyze the blood fatty acids levels. The purpose was to validate which fatty acids function as good predictors of mortality. The result showed that Omega-3 helps extend your life expectancy.



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